We will stop by soon after your arrival to personally great you and answer any questions you may have.

The Welcome Book in your vacation home contains some of the information here as well as contact and emergency phone numbers. If you need anything please let us know. We are only an email or phone call away and will get right back to you.


Check in and Check out

Check in is at 3 PM, check out at 10 AM. If you need an early check in or late check out please give us notice as early as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements. If possible early check in and/or late check can be arranged at half a day’s rate.



All our homes have a key lock box near the main door. You have access to the keys using the corresponding code previously emailed to you. It is ALWAYS recommended to put the key(s) back immediately after opening the main door in order to avoid being LOCKED OUT!
Please always leave the key in the lock box so our staff can get in to clean, provide supplies and do repairs.
Most inside door handles have a lock on the inside. Please don’t push the button and close the door from the outside – it will lock you out.



All our vacation homes feature at least one safe and we encourage you to keep your valuables locked up at all times. The safe door will be open for you to set your own code. Try the new code with the door open before locking your belongings.
Please be sure to leave the safe door open before you check out.


Maid Service

Your vacation home is prepared for your arrival, and then cleaned every other day except on Sundays and holidays. 9 AM or noon time is typical for your maid to arrive. Don’t worry – you don’t have to get up or be there. If you don’t answer the door the maid will let herself in and start cleaning the common areas quietly.
Additional maid service can be arranged for an additional fee. Please arrange for this service well in advance, preferably at the time of reservation.



In Mexico a tip is known as propina. Tipping is a great way to express your appreciation to somebody for their services and a way of life in Mexico. Please hand tip personally to the staff whenever possible.
As a guideline housekeepers should be tipped 20 - 60 Pesos per bedroom per visit depending on occupancy.



Your vacation home is thoroughly checked and prepared prior to your arrival. Nevertheless, light bulbs burn out and equipment may break. If anything needs attention during your stay please let us know and we will schedule repairs as soon as possible.


Drinking Water

DO NOT DRINK WATER OUT OF THE FAUCET! It is by no means dangerous to use tap water to brush your teeth. Drinking water is supplied in bottles and generally found in the kitchen area. Empty drinking water containers needing a refill in between the cleaning lady’s visits may be placed outside your front door for replacement, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Drainage System

Please help conserve our fragile ecosystem and deposit all sanitary waste products in the trash bin right next to the toilet in each room. You will find the same arrangement in many public bathrooms.
The white drain stoppers in the showers are there for your protection. Especially during raining season from June to November occasional heavy rains can wash out bugs normally living underground. In an effort to survive they will look for higher grounds and often end up in the drainage system. Keep the white shower stopper on the drain when not showering to avoid any unwanted visits.



Power outlets in Mexico are compatible with the ones in the US and Canada.
Please note: not all outlets are grounded here and thus some outlets only have two contacts. If you have a device with a three prong plug you may want to bring an adapter to be able to plug it in to a two prong outlet. You can also find these adapters here at Walmart.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Water and electricity are the two most valuable commodities. Please conserve both. Shut off air conditioners when not using the bedrooms or when leaving the premises. Air conditioners found running with the windows open will result in forfeiture of security deposit.
Consider reusing plastic bottles and using environmentally friendly sun tan lotion.


Property Management
Vacation Rentals


US (+1) 407 545 2233
Mexico (+52) 984 803 0197
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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US (+1) 407 545 2233
Mexico (+52) 984 803 0197