The major arrival point for the area is Cancun International Airport, about 60 km north of Playa del Carmen.
Another International Airport is located on the island of Cozumel, a 45 min ferry ride from Playa del Carmen.
Playa del Carmen only has a small airport for short hops on the peninsula.


Rental Vehicles

Many international as well as local car rental agencies offer their services directly at Cancun airport as well as in Playa del Carmen. Cars, scooters, bicycles and even Harley's are available. Prices will vary depending on season and model of the vehicle. Bring your drivers license from your country to drive a vehicle in Mexico.



Taxis are abundant in Playa del Carmen. Rates vary depending on the zones you are crossing. Even though rates are government controlled, you may want to verify them before taking the ride. Taxis are waiting in front of grocery stores, all-inclusive hotels and on heavily frequented street corners down town. Elsewhere just wave a taxi down on the street. Some suburban model taxis holding up to 8 people are available for large groups. A surcharge is automatically applied if you call a taxi service for pick up in a specific location.


Colectivos (shuttle buses) are mini vans going from Cancun to Tulum on a regular basis. In Playa del Carmen they leave on Calle 2 between Avenida 15 and 20. These 2nd class transportations don't really have a schedule, but will leave as soon as there are enough people to fill the vehicle. You can stop collectivos anytime on the highway (Carratera Federal). The prices are fixed and as low as 10 Pesos from Puerto Aventuras to Playa del Carmen. Tell the driver when you want him to stop.



First class buses operate almost exclusively between terminals. There are two bus terminals in Playa del Carmen: one on Quinta Avenida (Pedestrain Walk) with Juarez and the newer alternative terminal on Avenida 25 with Calle 12. From there you can travel to Cancun Airport, Cancun, Chichen Itza, Merida, Chetumal, Palenque, Mexico City and many other destinations.



Comfortable ferries take only 40 minutes to cross the Yucatan Channel from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel departing (almost) every hour from around 6 AM to midnight. The ferry to Isla Mujeres departs from Puerto Juarez in Cancun from 6 AM to 11 PM. Schedules and prices are subject to change without notice and often do! All ferries have enclosed air-conditioned cabins and/or shaded open decks for your convenience. Video entertainment, beverages, snacks and restroom facilities are onboard.



Multi-lingual and professional services are offered by several hospitals in town. If you are staying in Playacar the hospital Hospiten is conveniently located at the Playacar entrance just before SAM's Club right on the highway.
Some doctors also offer to visit you at your vacation home.


Grocery Stores

Several grocery stores are in town, among them Walmart, SAMs, Chedraui, Mega, Sorianas and City Club at Centro Maya.
The bigger grocery stores typically accept credit cards and cash US Dollars.
Taxis will most always be waiting outside of groceries stores to take you back home. Please write down the address of your vacation home for reference. Click here for a map of Grocery stores.



With literally hundreds of restaurants catering to every taste and budget it is hard to get a bad meal in Playa del Carmen. Establishments vary from eateries with outdoor tables to elaborate and sophisticated high end restaurants.

Except for Christmas and New Years reservations are usually not necessary in Playa del Carmen unless you are a big group requiring several tables. If you would like assistance with a reservation please just let us know.


Take out

While several restaurants in town provide their own take out service many restaurants do not count with this facility. is offering a wide selection of menus to choose from on their website and deliver for a small surcharge.



Our vacation homes provide private Internet access on the premises.

Internet Cafés are widely available in town. You will also find internet access points in several cafes and restaurants that offer free access with any purchase.


Snail Mail

A post office with mail box can be found on Avenida Juarez between 20. and 25. street.
You can have any snail mail or fax send there and they will keep it for you. Your name will appear on a list and you will have to ask for it.
There is a mail box at the Playacar Plaza and in several other spots in playa. Look for a red maibox as pitured.
Please be patient for your mail to arrive at the destination. International mail may take several weeks.


Business Hours

Most local businesses and shops operate between 8 AM and 10 PM, many places are closed between 2 and 4 PM. Indivdual office hours may vary greatly. Saturday is an almost usual business day - some places may be closed in the afternoon. On Sundays and Mexican Holidays smaller shops, specialized shops and official places like banks and offices will usually be closed. 


Time Zone

As of February 2 2015 the time in much of Quintana Roo is the same as Eastern Standard Time with Daylight Saving Time not being observed anymore. On Windows operating system the time zone is shown as Chetumal (UTC - 5:00).
Please note that the rest of the country is an hour behind, so if you are coming in from elsewhere you may need to adjust your clock. In Mexico the 24 hour system is used.



The official currency is the Mexican Peso. US Dollars are accepted widely, but watch out on the exchange rate.

Banks such as Banamex, Bancomer, HSBC, Scotia and others can be found throughout town.
The area is covered with ATM's to get Pesos. Some offer US Dollars and English service.

Credit cards are widely accepted in most larger establishments. Smaller stores may not accept plastic. 



The language mostly spoken in the area is Spanish. Different Mayan dialects are still widely spread, and more and more people do speak English.

Some basic Spanish will definetely help, especially if you want to drive around on your own. Several Language Schools offer their services in Playa del Carmen.



In the continental region the climate is semi-tropical, with an average yearly temperature of 26 degrees Centigrade, which can rise to 35 degrees in summer. Average rainfall per year is 1400 mm. The highest temperatures and most abundant rains occur between June through November. During the day, the climate is hot and light clothing is recommended. For trips into the jungle consider pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed shoes. Especially in the beginning of the year temperature may drop at night, and a light sweater or bush jacket is suggested.


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